The checklist for writing an irresistible job offer in Tech and Digital

Discover the secrets to writing a job ad that will attract and seduce the best tech and digital talent. Download your free checklist to get started.

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Our checklist will guide you through the essential steps to create a compelling job offer, customized to attract the most qualified talent.

What you'll learn:

  • Key elements of an attractive job offer
  • How to target tech and digital candidates effectively
  • Tips for standing out from the competition and attracting the attention of top talent

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About Excelsior

Excelsior is a recruitment agency specializing in digital professions, offering a fast and efficient solution for finding the most qualified talent. We connect you with the best candidates in less than 72 hours, reducing costs and maximizing your team's performance. 


This checklist is a tool designed to guide recruiters through the essential steps of writing an effective job ad specifically for tech and digital talent.


In the tech and digital sectors, where competition for the best talent is fierce, a well-written job advert is crucial to attracting the attention of qualified candidates and enticing them to apply.

This checklist includes a detailed list of elements to include in a tech and digital job offer, such as job description, required qualifications, main responsibilities, benefits offered, etc.

This checklist is aimed at recruiters, human resources managers and anyone involved in the recruitment process in the tech and digital sectors, looking to improve the quality of their job offers.

To use this checklist, simply download it free of charge by filling in the form. Once downloaded, you can use it as a practical guide when writing your job offers.