7 Original Ideas to Celebrate the End of the Year at Work

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it's the perfect time to strengthen ties within your company, reward your employees for their hard work and create unforgettable memories. At Excelsior, we believe in celebrating the end of the year in a memorable way. Here are seven original ideas to make this holiday season unforgettable.

Why celebrate the end of the year at work?

It's an essential question that we're going to answer in this article, because the figures don't lie: according to a recent study, companies that celebrate the end of the year with their employees experience a 78% increase in job satisfaction. What's more, 87% of employees feel that such celebrations strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.

In this article, we will :

Break down the benefits of a well-planned end-of-year celebration, and present you with seven ideas to make this festive period unforgettable. Whether you run a small start-up or a large corporation, these ideas can be adapted to all company sizes and cultures.

TV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton in Fresh Prince does his signature dance in front of a front door. He's wearing an ugly Christmas sweater--typical.

1. Organize a Team Building

Team building is a great way to strengthen team spirit and create memories. At Excelsior, we've organized a variety of team building activities, from online team building to outdoor sports competitions. Here are some ideas for organizing a successful team building event: 

  • Define your objectives: Before you start, clearly define what you want to achieve with your team building event. Do you want to strengthen collaboration, improve communication or stimulate team creativity?
  • Choose an appropriate activity: Select an activity that matches your goals. Outdoor activities, creative workshops or problem-solving games are excellent options.
  • Hire an experienced agency: If the activity is complex, hire a team building professional to guide the team and guarantee a successful experience. They trust us for their events: LinkedIn, Google, Crédit Agricole, Elior, Axa, Total Energies, VmWare, Carrefour...
  • Rewards and recognition: Offer rewards or certificates to recognize individual and collective achievements during team building.
  • Advance planning: Organize team building early enough to allow participants to prepare and participate actively.
  • Keep a relaxed atmosphere: Even if the aim is to improve team performance, maintain a relaxed and fun atmosphere during the activity.


2. Celebrate New Year's Eve with a Meal or Party

An end-of-year dinner or party is commonplace in many companies. It's not the most original, but it's still a sure bet. For seamless logistical planning, reserve a suitable venue in advance, decide on the menu and make sure to include options for all tastes. Create a festive atmosphere with appropriate decorations and organize activities to give your guests a good time.


3. Organize a Secret Santa

The Secret Santa is a tradition that helps strengthen the bonds within your teams. To make it original, choose a fun theme such as "travel gifts" or "retro objects". Encourage everyone to participate by setting a reasonable budget and organizing a gift-giving "ceremony".


4. Decorating the premises for the festive season

Decorating your premises can add a festive touch to the working environment. You can decorate your premises with string lights, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and his elves, and place other ornaments throughout your premises. And don't hesitate to ask all company employees to bring their own decorations to personalize their workspaces.

Disney gif. Pluto the dog proudly trots through a living room with Christmas decorations hanging from his tail. He stops and holds up his tail next to Mickey, who is decorating a Christmas tree. Mickey leans over and plucks the star from Pluto's tail.

5. Organize a Christmas for Employees' Children with a Gift Giving Ceremony

Show your employees that you care about their family life by organizing a special event for their children. Choose a cheerful theme, organize fun activities and be sure to hand out age-appropriate gifts. It's a great way to create warm memories for your employees and their children.


6. Rewarding customer loyalty

Let's not forget the importance of recognizing your customers' loyalty. Consider organizing an exclusive event for your most valued customers, and offer them thank-you gifts to show your gratitude.


7. Unforgettable team outing

Christmas Vacation Reaction GIF

Opt for an original venue like Disneyland Paris or a festive restaurant. Plan the food and drinks carefully, and don't leave the management of activities in the hands of guests. Create micro-activities to encourage interaction between team members. Don't forget to send a formal invitation to guests.


Each of these ideas offers a way of strengthening bonds within your team and creating memories. Employees will remember moments like these rather than their performance.


If you need help organizing one of these events or would like to explore more options for your events throughout the year, Excelsior is here for you. Our team can guide you in planning and executing memorable events.