Probably Nothing Day / Web3 training

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Excelsior organized a training day at the Excelsior Embassy with the most renowned Web3 speakers. Workshop sessions were offered guided by Emmanuel Moyrand, Pierre Paperon, Frédéric Ramet and Web3 experts.

After recalling the notions of NFTs, Crypto, DeFi and Metaverse, the participants studied the promises of Web3 / Blockchain.

We discussed the challenges of this new ecosystem, and studied the various existing platforms (centralized VS decentralized), their uses, the economy that was created.

We discovered Metamask, with the opening of a Wallet, as well as the actions related to NFTs (Buy, Sell, Create).

We discovered and entered a Metaverse.

We also studied together the different possible applications in the fields of Retail, Banking, Insurance, Advertising…

A complete workshop allowing us to leave this day with concrete ideas on Web3 and its future applications.

This day rich in exchanges ended with the Opening Party of the Excelsior Embassy on The Sandbox and conferences held by the creators of The Sandbox in person Sébastien Borget, Rémy Bompar, the famous sculptor Richard Orlinski and many others…

From strategy to practice, the Metaverse will have no more secrets for our participants but Maybe it’s Probably Nothing..

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