IT sourcing: 6 successful methods for recruiting tech and digital talent

In the IT sector, competition to attract the best talent is fiercer than ever. In 2023, the IT recruitment market in France will be characterized by a shortage of talent, with 61% of hiring projects deemed difficult by employers, a figure that is up on 2022(Pôle Emploi). This situation creates an environment where candidates have a significant advantage, and where companies must redouble their efforts and ingenuity to attract them. Hence the importance of IT sourcing.

In this article, we explore :

  • Challenges and opportunities in the IT talent market
  • 6 proven and effective methods for attracting the best IT profiles. From the strategic use of social networks to the intelligent exploitation of data, via the power of specialized events and partnerships with the academic world.


Our objective? To provide you with a comprehensive guide to transforming your recruitment challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation!


The challenges of IT sourcing

Understanding the tech recruitment market

These are exciting times for the IT sector in France. According to a study by Robert Half, 75% of French IT managers are optimistic about the future, with a third planning to create new permanent positions. This demonstrates the vitality and dynamism of the market.

The IT sector is also constantly changing. Today's skills can quickly become obsolete tomorrow. French companies are therefore constantly on the lookout for talent capable of adapting and evolving with emerging technologies, from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence.

The importance of sourcing IT talent

The big challenge in IT recruitment? The skills shortage. Finding qualified IT profiles, particularly in niches such as data science or cybersecurity, is almost like searching for the Holy Grail. Competition to attract these talents is fierce, in a market where supply is struggling to keep pace with demand.

Sourcing IT - Research

In this context, strategic sourcing is crucial. It's not just about filling a position, but thinking about the future of the company and its teams. Recruiters need to anticipate future skills requirements and align their recruitment strategies with the company's overall vision, while offering attractive opportunities for IT talent. That's what we at Excelsior do every day for our customers!

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IT sourcing best practices in 6 effective methods

Method 1: Use professional social networks

The hunt for IT talent often begins on platforms such as LinkedIn or GitHub. LinkedIn, for example, is a veritable breeding ground where skills and experience are displayed like in a shop window. The trick? Target professionals with specific keywords, join relevant groups, and actively participate in discussions to increase your company's visibility. On GitHub, the emphasis is on demonstrating technical skills through projects and contributions. An effective strategy is to identify developers whose work matches your company's needs.

Method 2: Participate in tech events

Tech events such as conferences, hackathons and meetups are goldmines for talent sourcing. Taking an active part in these events not only enables you to meet IT professionals, but also to promote yourself as a potential employer. The aim is to create links and position yourself as a key player in the sector, which naturally attracts talent.

Method 3: forge partnerships with educational institutions

Collaborating with universities and tech schools is a winning strategy. These partnerships can take the form of internships, graduation projects or mentoring programs. These collaborations offer direct access to freshly trained and enthusiastic talent, ready to dive into the professional world.

Method 4: Set up a co-optation program

Encouraging your current employees to recommend candidates can be very effective. Employees understand the company culture and are likely to recommend people who will fit in well. What's more, recommended candidates often have a higher level of commitment and a better understanding of the company before they even start.

Method 5: Organize a contest or hackathon

Organizing competitions or technical challenges is a fun and engaging way to attract talent. These events can highlight specific skills and provide a platform for participants to demonstrate their know-how. What's more, they help reinforce the company's employer brand in the tech community.

Method n°6: Leverage data analysis and artificial intelligence

The use of data analysis and artificial intelligence for talent sourcing is booming. These tools can filter massive amounts of data to identify potential candidates. They can help predict in-demand skills, assess cultural fit, and even anticipate future talent needs.

Sourcing IT - data


In conclusion, there are a multitude of methods and strategies for attracting the best talent in technology and digital, and companies have many tools at their disposal to build a top-notch IT team.

However, if you don't have the time to implement them, or if you want targeted expertise to fine-tune your recruitment strategy, you can always opt for outsourcing. Excelsior is there for you! With our in-depth experience in recruiting for the tech and digital professions, we understand the nuances of the IT market and have the expertise to connect your company with the best talent in the sector. So, take a look at our recruitment offer and don't hesitate to contact us to tell us more about your needs.