Slack / Chef’s Dinner

Friday, April 8, 2022

Slack is a proprietary collaborative communication platform as well as project management software officially launched in 2014 and owned by Salesforce Group. The platform is at the heart of the work of more than 10 million active daily users worldwide. The company is ambitious and wants to grow its user base. That’s where Excelsior comes in. Slack called on us to generate leads around an original format. The adventure began during the Covid period with remote dinners. The principle is simple: we have chefs like Eddie Benghanem, chef of the Trianon Palace, deliver their dinners to our guests’ homes to share an enriching moment with a guest of honor.

Once this period of Covid was over, we repeated the experience in physics at the Excelsior Embassy. 10 guests around a table to exchange about their professional experiences around a dinner accompanied by an inspiring personality from the world of technology.

We had the pleasure to participate as guests of honor: Olivier Ezratty the quantum expert, Laurent Alexandre co-founder of the Doctissimo website, Jean-Baptiste Kempf the creator of VLC Media Player and many others…

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