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Monday, July 18, 2022, a solution for the future? 

In a post Covid-19 world, many meetings are done remotely, the platform is a very convincing solution to recreate your meeting room. This metaverse is accessible through a simple hyperlink, so it is as easy to join a Google Meet or Zoom link as it is to join your Spatial space. When you click on the custom link, you are directly transported to the dedicated virtual space.

In our case, we use for recruitment interviews with talents, for framing meetings of events with our clients and when it comes to exchanging around Web3 projects.

By clicking on the link without having an account you can organize meetings of up to 50 people per space. is accessible from a laptop, tablet or cell phone and allows you to communicate through general chat, private messages or audio through microphones.

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How to realize your space in this universe?

Our teams accompany you in the realization of your 3D space by creating the layout of your room, the creation of a collection of NFTs or personalized illustrations.

If you want to develop your Web3 strategy, you can take advantage of our training to become an expert on tomorrow’s technologies.

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