La Nuit du Gaming: Crédit Agricole rewards IT talent in style

Background & requirements

Every year, Crédit Agricole organizes a major innovation fair on its Guyancourt Campus. The aim of this event is to showcase the company's technological advances, innovative initiatives and IT projects. This year, Crédit Agricole wants to bring a new dynamic to the opening ceremony and strengthen the cohesion of its IT teams.

This year, the customer wanted to boost the opening ceremony to generate enthusiasm and interest from the outset. They want to create an inspiring and captivating atmosphere that highlights technological innovation and stimulates the creativity of the IT teams present.

Crédit Agricole is looking to unite and reward its IT teams for their hard work and contributions to the company. It wishes to recognize their expertise and dedication by offering them a memorable and rewarding experience at this event.

Crédit Agricole wants to offer a more festive evening that is still IT-related. They also want to attract the attention of students from partner schools, offering them an opportunity to discover innovation and career opportunities in the finance and technology sector.


Excelsior organized an internal Hackathon, specially designed for Crédit Agricole's IT talent. This Hackathon enabled teams to collaborate and showcase their tech expertise by working on innovative projects. The awards ceremony was integrated into the show's opening speech, creating a synergy between technological innovation and team recognition.

In parallel, Excelsior also staged "La Nuit du Gaming", a festive evening that captivated participants. Attendees enjoyed a host of entertainment and took part in a Nintendo Mario Kart competition.



Strengthening our position as a major player

A unifying moment that rewards talent

Attracting future talent