How can you attract more women to your tech teams?

The tech ecosystem is gradually becoming more feminine, but we're still (very) far from parity. Women are under-represented in many IT and digital professions. Yet tech teams undoubtedly need female talent to benefit from a different point of view, stimulate innovation and build inclusive technological solutions.

So how can you succeed in attracting more female profiles to your teams? In this article, we take stock of the situation, and give you concrete advice on :

  • Developing a more attractive working environment for women
  • Adopt a recruitment policy targeting female profiles


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The challenge of gender diversity in tech teams 


Digital professions: where are the women?

All the studies show it: tech teams are overwhelmingly made up of men. According to the Gender Scan survey carried out by Global Contact, women account for just 17% of the workforce in France's digital professions.

In cybersecurity, for example, women account for just 11% of talent, according to the French national IT security agency (Anssi). In fact, the higher the level of technical expertise, the fewer women there are.

The same applies to levels of responsibility: the higher up the hierarchy you go, the rarer the number of women. Only 7 companies in the French Tech 120 are headed by women, barely 5% of the total... (study published by SISTA and BCG).


The invisible costs of gender diversity in tech

First of all, companies that fail to attract female profiles are depriving themselves of a huge talent pool. And that's a real problem, given that today's job market is marked by a severe shortage of tech skills. At Exclesior, we're well placed to know this, as many companies call on our services to recruit specialized digital profiles.

But that's not all: 100% male teams also forego the undeniable benefits of gender diversity. Gender diversity fosters creativity and innovation, stimulates collective intelligence and improves organizational performance. According to a study by the Institut Montaigne, companies with more women on their executive committees, for example, achieve 55% higher operating results than companies with no women in senior positions.

Finally, the lack of women in tech teams can have consequences for the quality and inclusiveness of products designed and developed. Indeed, a thorough understanding of user needs is crucial to guaranteeing technological services that meet the requirements of all users. By including more female perspectives in development processes, teams can benefit from a diversity of viewpoints and increased sensitivity to users' needs.


Promote a more inclusive work culture in its tech teams


The first step in attracting and retaining women in our tech teams is to offer them a working environment that adapts to their needs, and encourages a diversity of profiles.

Some basics:

  • Set an example when it comes to equal pay. By committing to transparency and an equal pay policy, you'll give yourself the best chance of attracting female talent.
  • Offer training and career management policies dedicated to women. Set up training or mentoring programs to actively encourage your female employees to move into positions of responsibility. Create an environment in which women feel supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Support your employees' life balance. Offer flexible policies that allow your employees to balance their professional and personal obligations. This could include "parent-friendly" working hours (for dads as well as moms), or the possibility of gradually returning to work after maternity leave.
  • Promote female role models. Make sure women feel represented and give visibility to success stories to encourage your female employees to be ambitious in their careers.


Recruiting in tech: 4 tips for hiring more women 


#1 Rethink your job descriptions 

Carefully examine your job offers and recruitment criteria to eliminate gender stereotypes and adopt an inclusive writing approach. Rather than using exclusively masculine language, try to use neutral formulations that allow women to feel represented.


#2 Promote diversity in your recruitment teams

If you want more diversity in your tech teams, start by putting more diversity in your recruitment teams! By including professionals from different backgrounds, you'll encourage selection processes based on a fair and impartial assessment of candidates, avoiding unconscious bias. You'll also be sending out a strong signal to candidates.


#3 Communicate your inclusion policy

Highlight your values and concrete actions in favor of diversity and equality. Have you set up a mentoring program dedicated to women? Are you a signatory of the French Tech Parity Pact? Let your candidates know about it by communicating on your website, your social networks, or at your recruitment events.


#4 Forge partnerships with networks of women in tech 

There are many organizations that encourage the presence of women in the digital professions and promote their professional development, thus working towards more mixed tech teams. By collaborating with these networks and associations of women in tech, you'll be demonstrating your commitment to parity, and gaining access to qualified talent pools to identify and recruit female profiles more easily.

Here are a few examples of benchmark organizations in France and around the world:


There are even networks for specific professions or areas of expertise, such as Women in Product or Les Meufs du Growth.

So, in conclusion, it's high time to shake things up and welcome more women into tech teams. The result: a better balance, more innovation and higher performance!

Finally, if even after reading this article you don't know where to start, or you need help recruiting women (or any kind of women for that matter) in tech or digital, don't hesitate to call on Excelsior!


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