Metaverse Developer: The new job of the future

The web will soon be more than just watching content, but being part of it.

The skills and talents needed to develop this metaverse are very real.

Meta plans to recruit 10,000 jobs, mainly developers, within the next 5 years.

In concrete terms, developing a metaverse application means designing a cross-platform game or "experience" that can combine :

  • VR systems such as
  • virtual worlds (like Fortnite)
  • social platforms
  • game consoles
  • mobile applications
  • websites

The skills of metaverse developers are therefore very similar to those of augmented virtual reality or 3D game developers, but not exclusively so.

At Excelsior we recruit a lot of developers for GAFAs, but also for start-ups focused on crypto-currencies and blockchains.

Whether they're a fad or the future of the web, the metaverse remains a major opportunity for developers.