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Excelsior recruits across the entire digital value chain: tech profiles, product/marketing digital/sales roles, and even up to confirmed C-level positions.

We have chosen to offer the most flexible model possible, enabling each organization to move forward with the best talent, according to its strategy.
Whether you want to perpetuate an in-house resource or give your projects a boost with an external resource, we have a perfect command of the codes and the approach to penurious profiles (CDI or Mission).

Our pool of 10,000+ candidates means we can react quickly to your needs. We then start sourcing, and usually communicate the first qualified profiles within a week. Regular updates give you a clear picture of the progress of our search.

If it's an assignment, we set up regular check-ups to ensure that the project is running smoothly. If it's a recruitment, we follow the resource through to its onboarding into your teams.
We can then work on your loyalty / talent retention issues thanks to our dedicated events activity.

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