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Unearth the tech and product talents who think and create the world of tomorrow.

#CDI Recruitment #Mission #Projects


Federate tech/digital communities, connect them and empower them on the topics of tomorrow.

#Hackathons #Internal Clubs #Tech Challenger


Federate tech/digital communities, connect them and empower them on the topics of tomorrow.

#Hackathons #Internal Clubs #Tech Challenger


Realize your Web3 projects (NFTs, Smart Contracts) and make your place in the Metaverses.

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Who are we ?

Stéphane Boukris

Donia Guérafi

Clément Defforge

André Lame

Léa Firmin

Noé Kierbel

Mathilde Batisse

Mathias Moro

Excelsior was founded in 2019 by Stéphane Boukris, a successful repeat entrepreneur in the tech and entertainment sector, former winner of the BFM Académie.

With a team of enthusiasts, he supports companies in their web2 then web3 transformation with a Talents/Events/Consulting prism.

For its third year, Excelsior already has around a hundred employees and has grown by +300% to achieve nearly 10 million Euros in turnover, placing it among the fastest growing French companies.

Excelsior’s main point of differentiation is the bond of trust that has united it with its employees, customers and partners since day one. Digital is the playground, but it is this trust that has enabled such value creation in such a short time.


They trust us


Excelsior Embassy

The world of Marvel Super Heroes right in Central Perk from the Friends series. Most of our clients love to organize their offsite there.

Excelsior Boat

Lunches at Excelsior take place on our boat which travels the capital from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame de Paris. It really is the best place on Earth to remake the world together.


The business model is simple:
– Recruitment: only on success (0 deposit), guaranteed trial period, no exclusivity
– Missions: only according to the time of the expert worked
– Events: according to project
– Metaverse: according to project

We are recruiting several hundred tech, product, web3 profiles…. in 2022/2023

We support several associations including the Apprentis d’Auteuil (formerly Orphelins d’Auteuil) for whom we organize events internally and externally (60 secondes pour réaliser le rêve de 31 enfants“).
Our customers to date are located in EMEA and North America.

We spend a lot of time helping the ecosystem and as long as it doesn’t take too much of our time, we are always ready to connect you to an incubator, a start-up, a fund…

All phoenixes (Excelsior employees) have the obligation to spend one day a month building their skills on the latest innovations. This allows us to be in phase or even ahead of our customers’ expectations.

Since the creation of Excelsior, no employee has resigned. The teams are united and are all interested in the company’s results with a profit-sharing mechanism called “Les Dividendes de l’Engagement”.