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Strengthen your digital teams, recruit new talents.

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Create unique and memorable experiences for your teams.
Excelsior offers multi-format concepts to attract, engage and retain the best talents.

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Evolve with your teams into tomorrow's world.
Excelsior offers you the opportunity to enter and/or accelerate into the worlds of Web3 and generative AI.

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Customer Win!

Attract, engage and retain customers and talents.

Who are we?

Excelsior has joined the International Alan Allman Associates ecosystem (listed on Euronext), a leading player in the global IT consulting market.





Case Studies


Background & requirements Axa, a leading company listed on the CAC40, is France's leading insurance company. Under the leadership of Patrick Cohen, Axa's CEO, the company has embarked on an ambitious development and transformation program [...].

Context & requirements A major strategy consulting firm has been asked by a Middle Eastern state player to set up a large-scale security camera network. The aim of this strategic project was to reinforce [...]

Background & requirements Alibaba, one of the world's e-commerce giants, wanted to strengthen its presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). As part of this regional expansion, Alibaba wanted to benefit from support in setting up successfully in MEA. The company is looking to [...]

Context & requirements Every year, Crédit Agricole organizes a major innovation fair on its Guyancourt Campus. This event aims to highlight the company's technological advances, innovative initiatives and IT projects. This year, Crédit [...]


Excelsior specializes in three key areas: recruiting digital talent, organizing multi-format events to attract, engage and retain the best talent, and facilitating access to the worlds of Web 3 and generative AI.

Excelsior focuses on recruiting highly qualified digital talent, such as web developers, data scientists, digital marketing specialists, user experience (UX/UI) designers, artificial intelligence experts, and many more.

Excelsior offers multi-format events tailored to your needs. Whether hackathons, conferences or seminars on the latest technology trends, we strive to create immersive experiences to attract, engage and retain the best talent on the market.

We offer tailor-made training courses and programs to help you get to grips with Web 3 and generative AI technologies. Our experts will guide you in your learning and support you along the way, so that you can succeed in these promising fields.

No, at Excelsior we believe in the potential of every individual. We offer opportunities for all levels of experience, from beginners to C-levels. We have opportunities that might interest you.

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