5 reasons to outsource recruitment of tech and digital profiles

Scrum Master, web developer, digital marketing project manager, data analyst, UX designer... if you're recruiting in the digital professions, finding the right people to fill your skills needs is undoubtedly a major challenge.

Specialized talent is in short supply, and experienced profiles are extremely popularwith companies. According to a study recently published by theInstitut Montaigne, 10% of job vacancies in the digital sector currently remain unfilled in France. And this figure is set to rise between now and 2030!

Fortunately, however, there is a solution to this talent shortage: outsourcing. Some service providers have made digital recruitment their specialty. Such is the case of Excelsior, which assists its corporate customers with all their tech, product and digital profile needs.

So what are the advantages of outsourcing recruitment, whatever the type of partner? Why turn to a service provider specializing in digital professions? We explain it all in this article.

Reason no. 1: market knowledge

Recruiting in the digital sector is a complex job requiring specialized knowledge. And the generalist recruiters on your in-house teams are often multi-skilled profiles who lack these specialized skills.

By outsourcing your recruitment, you mobilize experts who fully understand the specifics of each position, and who master the differences between the various digital tools and methodologies.

A recruitment agency or specialized consultant can, for example, target profiles with experience in agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban, or assess a candidate's skill level in programming languages such as Java or Python.

External partners also keep a watchful eye on emerging trends, technological developments and fashionable skills. This in-depth understanding of the digital landscape enables them to anticipate future needs and identify the most suitable candidates, so as to provide you with the best possible advice. They can also give you recommendations on the remuneration packages to offer your candidates, to ensure you are sufficiently attractive on the market.

Reason No. 2: Saving time

Digital recruitment processes can be long and demanding. Especially when they involve technical positions. Sourcing penurious talent involves extremely time-consuming tasks, especially when methodologies and tools are not adapted.

Bottom line: if you rely solely on your in-house HR teams to find new recruits for your digital teams, you're exposing yourself to very long lead times. 

On the contrary, by using an external service provider, you can significantly reduce these lead times: specialist partners not only have a rapid and precise understanding of the skills required, but can also often count on 100% optimized processes.

Specialized recruitment agencies or consultants have a structured, high-performance approach, based on proven methods and specific tools to efficiently search for, evaluate and select candidates. This results in shorter recruitment cycles.

Ultimately, the benefits of outsourcing are twofold:

  • You lighten the workload of your in-house teams, so they can concentrate on their core business.
  • You avoid leaving positions vacant for too long, and save yourself costly delays on strategic projects.

Reason n°3: access to a large talent pool

Specialized service providers constantly nurture their candidate pools via specific platforms and networks, partnerships, or active involvement in the tech ecosystem. In this way, they establish close relationships with digital professionals, enabling them to reach active and passive candidates who are difficult for traditional recruiters to access.

At Excelsior for example, in addition to recruiting talent for our customers, we organize numerous events(hackathons, conferences, meetups, community events...), which enable us to build relationships with highly qualified candidates on a daily basis. As a result, you gain access to a diverse pool of talent that broadens your horizons, and enables you to create agile, high-performance teams to bring your most daring projects to life.


If you're looking to recruit talent in other regions or countries, outsourcing is even more strategic: by working with an external partner, you can take advantage of international networks and resources that are often out of reach for your in-house teams.

Reason No. 4: Flexibility

Recruitment agencies and consultants integrate themselves into your working environment. For example, they take into account the cultural compatibility of candidates with your corporate values. This ensures that the profiles recruited have not only the technical skills required, but also the behavioral skills to integrate successfully into your teams.

Another major advantage is that specialized external service providers are able to adjust their search quickly to meet your changing requirements. They can pivot efficiently and help you build customized teams.

Because we know: your talent needs can fluctuate rapidly, whether due to new projects, work peaks or changes in strategic direction.

You can quickly increase or reduce the size of your team to suit current projects, without the constraints associated with finding, hiring and integrating talent. This flexibility allows you to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with agility, taking advantage of opportunities and unhampered by cumbersome processes.

Reason 5: Cost reduction

You might think that outsourcing the recruitment of digital profiles would be an additional cost for companies. But the opposite is often true: in the long term, using a specialized service provider can actually be more cost-effective than managing all searches in-house.

Yes, because the hidden costs associated with advertising, accessing CV libraries, skills testing and so on can add up. Not to mention the considerable expenses associated with the hours invested in pre-selection, interviews and application management. A recruitment agency, on the other hand, can streamline these processes and reduce overall costs. You avoid having to invest in infrastructure and technology to manage in-house recruitment.

Specialized service providers also offer pricing models tailored to your needs, enabling you to control your expenses transparently. Some partners, for example, offer "success-based" recruitment services: they only invoice their fees if a candidate is hired. This minimizes risk and avoids unnecessary expenditure.

Finally, by reducing the time it takes to fill your vacancies, you also minimize operational disruption and maximize the value each recruitment brings to your business.

Conclusion: outsourcing your recruitment of tech and digital profiles can be a powerful lever for building high-performance teams, while keeping your costs under control.

This is often a winning strategy for optimizing your resources and maximizing your return on investment!

So what are you waiting for? Excelsior's recruitment servicesand find the rare pearls you need to propel your Product, Data or IT teams to success?