Discovering a New World: ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT and artificial intelligence - everyone 's talking about it, as Thierry Ardisson would say! It feels like we've entered a New World since November 30, 2022, the day ChatGPT was released to the general public.

We've fallen for it too. From ChatGPT for text to Midjourney for image generation, we're clearly blown away. And we thought we wouldn't leave you in the dark.


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In this article, we'll take a look at generative AI and talk about:

  • The definition of generative AI,
  • Using generative AI to create original content,
  • How Excelsior can help you understand generative AI.


Enjoy your reading!



What is ChatGPT and generative AI?


The origins of artificial intelligence

Generative AI represents a revolutionary change in artificial intelligence. And yes, it's not a concept that dates back to November 30, 2022, the day ChatGPT was released!

The roots of artificial intelligence can be traced back to the fundamental concepts of machine learning. In fact, it is for this learning capacity that it is called Artificial Intelligence. AI aims to simulate the processes of human intelligence using machines. This involves 3 elements:

  • Learning: acquisition of information and rules for using that information,
  • Reasoning : using the same rules to reach conclusions,
  • Self-correction: if conclusions are approximate or wrong.

OpenAI's generative AI revolution and ChatGPT

Building on AI knowledge and work begun over 30 years ago, generative AI goes even further. Its aim is not just to analyze and understand data. It must also be able to create new content from that same data. For text-generative AI, this means predicting the next word. It's the same for image-generating AI and, broadly speaking, this type of AI is a sub-category of the whole of artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, belongs to this sub-category. It's an LLM ( Large Language Model) that uses machine learning techniques to produce text just as a human might. To predict this text, ChatGPT receives text instructions from the user via a so-called prompt. In a way, ChatGPT responds to prompts by predicting what text comes next.

The potential applications of an AI tool like ChatGPT are immense:

  • Editorial assistance,
  • AIde to programming,
  • Foreign language learning,
  • Analysis of all types of data, including medical data,
  • Etc.

Today, at Excelsior, we can't say how far we'll be able to go! But we can help you understand this revolution.


The power of creation: generative AI and original content made in ChatGPT


An unprecedented capacity for original creation

By now, you've seen how powerful generative AI can be. And we see it every day when we use ChatGPT's Plus (paid) version. It's a technology that has gone way beyond the simple tasks of comprehension and prediction. It can actually create rich, unique content, even (almost) reflecting the complexity of human thought and creativity. And that's just the beginning!

But how does ChatGPT achieve such results? The key is the model's ability to learn a gigantic mass of data and then generate original content based on this learning. For example, ChatGPT can write an ultra-personalized cover letter based on the learning data and the prompt.


Examples of original content created by generative AI

This capacity for original creation is limitless. For text, ChatGPT can create poetry, a novel or even a journalistic-style article. But above all, it goes beyond text. Of course, you can also create original images with the other star of generative AI, Midjourney. Other tools can also create videos and music, as we recently saw with a track featuring the voice of Canadian rapper Drake.

In education, generative AI can adapt to each learner by creating personalized content. Even in subjects as complex as medicine, AI can help researchers analyze patient data to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from a serious disease. It also has the capacity to assist researchers in combating today's incurable diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Charcot's.

However, as we said above, this is just the beginning, and we're sure there'll be much more to come in the near future. And Excelsior will be there to support you!


The application of generative AI in different fields


A myth to forget: ChatGPT and generative AI are no miracle tools

We've already talked a little about this in the previous paragraph. Generative AI can help you in many, many areas. But before we talk about some of them, let's not believe in miracles either: no, ChatGPT won't produce a quality article (like this one) in 3 minutes. On the contrary, when you're a reader, articles are often of poor quality, because the tool has no conscience. It only predicts, and the content is bland.

But what's certain is that this tool and others will help you create an article, an image or analyze any type of data. That's why ChatGPT can write a book, but you have to reread it line by line, modifying a large part of the content, to arrive at something coherent and readable for the reader. If we look at a social network like LinkedIn, an AI tool can help respond to comments, but they're so impersonal that "it shows"!

It's a real time-saver, because the work is chewed up. But don't worry, you'll still be of some use!

A fact worth highlighting: remarkable data analysis

Where generative AI is very strong is in data analysis. In marketing, for example, generative AI can create high-quality advertising copy based on data from other advertising campaigns. Indeed, advertising content needs to be both short and punchy, and this is where AI tools are very strong.

But for us, the revolution is clearly in healthcare. We've already mentioned it, but it's important to say it again: generative AI opens up possibilities never seen before. For example, just by analyzing certain data, a tool can list personalized treatments in a matter of seconds, saving doctors precious time. Not to mention invaluable support for research.

When it comes to mental health, we at Excelsior are certain that conversational AI agents will become increasingly mainstream!


Generative AI and ChatGPT: training for better discovery


Training means understanding how to make the most of this revolution

Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT will increasingly become part of our professional and even personal lives. So it's vital to understand how to use them effectively. We emphasize the term effectivelybecause that's not the case for many people today!

Today, generative AI has the ability to dramatically increase your productivity, notably by generating innovative ideas and delivering personalized experiences. But let's be clear: without proper training, you're going to be very disappointed with these tools. In the industry, the adage is garbage in, garbage out. In fact, we see this a lot on LinkedIn, where people have fun posting an inappropriate response from ChatGPT, when the number 1 problem comes from the prompt.

And that's where Excelsior comes in.


How can Excelsior help you learn ChatGPT and generative AI?

Excelsior is already involved in a number of areas, including offering companies the opportunity to create their own space in the metaverse. We also deliver customized training and have now included generative artificial intelligence. Excelsior offers comprehensive training programs designed to teach your teams how to use generative AI in the most effective way possible.

We can already give you the most important benefits that our training courses deliver. First of all, it enables you to maximize their return on investment in AI. Your teams will gain the skills they need to use these tools to their full potential. Secondly, you'll immediately see an increase in productivity and efficiency, because you don't need to understand the technology to use it. Last but not least, we're highly pedagogical and have the experience to personalize our training courses as much as possible.

In short, in a world where AI is transforming multiple processes within companies, learning to use the tools effectively isn't just a benefit: it's a necessity. With Excelsior, you'll have all the keys you need to open the doors to generative AI.


Why call on Exelsior for training in ChatGPT and generative AI?

In this article, we decided to present what generative AI is as concisely and clearly as possible. Our aim was not to focus on tools like ChatGPT, as we have another article for that.

In any case, we know that this technology will become part of your daily life sooner than you think. And that's why it's vital that you understand how to use it wisely. At Excelsior, we've got you covered, so don't hesitate!