How do you train your digital teams for Web3?

You've just made an important decision for your company: to train your employees in Web3. And more specifically, to train your digital teams in Web3. Congratulations! However, there's training and then there's training. It's important to make the right choices to get the best training.

We could even say that there are better training courses, as the format, objective and content are so different. The question of training digital teams can be started simply and online. The most important thing is to know your objective beforehand.

In this article, we will :

  • Why train my digital teams in Web3?
  • Online training, the gateway to Web3 training for digital teams,
  • Conferences, to meet the people behind Web3,
  • Blockchain developer, Web3 project manager: specialized, tailor-made training courses,
  • Corporate training, the new way to train digital teams for Web3?
  • Excelsior, your partner for Web3 training for your digital teams.


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Why train my teams in Web3?


That's the first question you need to ask yourself. Training my digital teams in Web3 is all well and good. But why? There are many answers, depending on your objective.

First of all, there's the desire not to miss the Web3 train. This is the technology of the future, and many areas of our society will be impacted by it, particularly the online sector. Digital teams therefore need to be up to date and understand what Web3 is all about. The aim is to understand what a decentralized protocol, an NFT or a wallet is, without delving too deeply into the subject.

Then there's the desire to build something with Web3. So, the aim is not just to understand the subject, but to dig into it, because you want to seize the opportunities offered by Web3. For example, you might want to launch an NFT for your business and, before you take action, it's essential to understand what NFT is and, above all, why it could be useful to you. You'll also need in-house skills to effectively launch the project.

In short, you need to know whether you simply want to train your teams in Web3, or whether you want to set up a Web3-related project. Of course, starting with the first objective doesn't mean you can't go on to the second.



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Online training, the gateway to Web3 training for digital teams

Popular YouTube channels

Admittedly, it's not what you'd call online training. Nevertheless, YouTube is the main gateway for anyone wishing to understand what Web3 is all about.

There are a number of excellent French-language YouTube channels for learning the basics of technology and industry news in a fun way. All subjects are covered, and you can learn in just 10 minutes a day.

However, you need to know how to choose the right YouTube channel and avoid all those that promote dubious products. What's more, you can't understand everything about Web3 just by watching YouTube.

Specialized press on the Web3

In a nutshell, they're the equivalent of YouTube channels, but in writing. There are a number of French-language Web3 news sites that have built up a solid reputation.

These same sites devote a section to presenting the various Web3 concepts, from basics like blockchain to techniques like rollups. In video format, you can dig deeper into certain subjects.

Finally, there are also books dedicated to blockchain, which go much further than YouTube channels and popularization sites.

Genuine training programs

Finally, there are online training programs. However, it's important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Web3 training is not regulated, and you may come across training of very poor quality, or even scams.

That's why, at Excelsior, we place great importance on quality, and we look forward to seeing you at the end of this article.

Conferences: meet the people behind Web3


Some love them, others hate them. Conferences don't leave people indifferent, and that's not unique to Web3. So let's be clear from the outset: no, conferences are not the place to train your digital teams in Web3. The essence of conferences is not training, but listening, debating and, of course, meeting people from the industry.

It's from these informal exchanges at conferences that your digital teams will learn the ins and outs of Web3. For example, why such and such a person set up such and such a project, what difficulties or support they encountered, what their ambitions are in 5 years' time, etc.

It's a kind of training course on the day-to-day workings of Web3 projects and the practices adopted. It's particularly useful for digital teams who have already been trained, or who at least know the basics of the sector. They can then plan to replicate some of these practices within their company.

In short, the conferences are a very useful complement to initial Web3 training.

Blockchain developer, Web3 project manager: specialized, tailor-made training courses


Purely Web3 professions are rare, and only 2 spring to mind: web developer and project manager. Of course, there are others, but they're much rarer, and mostly for highly specialized people. One example is the tokenomist, who studies the economics of a project.

The most common profession is, of course, the web developer, and this makes perfect sense. Indeed, to develop a Web3 protocol, it's essential to code it. The most widely used programming languages are familiar to developers (Python, C++, JavaScript) or are specific to Web3 (Solidity, Vyper, Rust).

The other job is blockchain project manager. Their objective? To be able to lead a Web3 project within your company and ensure that it runs according to plan. However, to carry out the project successfully, the project manager needs to know the basics of blockchain technology.

In short, if you train your digital teams in Web3, you can go further with certain people so that they can work in a Web3-specific profession.

Corporate training, the new way to train digital teams for Web3?


Still a rarity until 2020, in-company training has exploded since the rise of the markets between 2020 and 2021. As a result, we've had to train... trainers! Yes, the aim of training is also to enable the trainer to pass on his or her knowledge to your digital teams.

Sometimes, companies want training in a specific area, such as NFTs or metaverses. This is possible, but it is necessary to first receive initial training in Web3, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Finally, of course, you need to choose the right training organization!


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Excelsior, your partner for Web3 training for your digital teams


At Excelsior, training is in our blood. Since 2019, we've trained dozens of companies in Web3, in particular to prepare digital teams for the transition from Web2 to Web3.

Our aim? We want to provide you with personalized training tailored to your business, your structure and your values, so that you can make the most of Web3.

If you want to train your digital teams in Web3, don't wait any longer!


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