How do you recruit the best C-levels to lead your company's digital transformation?

Leading digital transformation

In a context of digital transformation, the recruitment of high-level leaders (C-levels) has become a crucial strategic issue for companies. And with good reason: according to a study by strategy consulting firm McKinsey, around 70% of digital transformation projects fail! Hence the crucial importance of effective leadership.

This article is aimed at companies wishing to succeed in their digital transformation by focusing on recruiting skilled C-levels. We will explore :

  • The vital importance of choosing the right leaders for digital transformation
  • Strategies for finding and seducing ideal candidates.
  • Best practices to ensure a successful transition and long-term commitment from these talents.


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The challenges of recruiting C-levels for digital transformation

Recruiting digital leaders: a strategic imperative

Digital transformation is a complex field in which long-term vision is essential. Top-level executives, or C-levels, play a key role in defining and implementing this vision. They don't just follow trends, they shape them, keeping an eye on the company's digital future. According to the KPMG Global Tech Report 2023successful digital transformation depends to a large extent on aligning technology investments with the company's strategic objectives. This underscores the importance of having digital leaders capable of merging technology and business strategy to drive change and ensure that the whole organization is aligned with digital ambitions.

Leadership digital transformation

Challenges and opportunities for executive recruitment in the digital sector

The digital age offers as many challenges as opportunities. C-levels need to be visionaries, able not only to adapt but to lead change, integrating new technologies while ensuring ongoing business performance. They must understand and exploit emerging technologies to drive innovation and create value. The KPMG report shows that only 15% of organizations have proactively adopted artificial intelligence, an example of a key technology for innovation. As such, digital leaders must be able to leverage technological disruption to rethink business models, processes and strategies, positioning themselves not only for the present but also for the company's digital future.


Digital executive recruitment: identifying and attracting the right talent

Profiling ideal candidates

In an ever-changing market, identifying the ideal candidates for C-level positions means looking beyond technical skills. It's about identifying leaders with forward-looking vision and exceptional adaptability. These leaders must not only understand the technical and managerial aspects of their role, but also anticipate and guide future trends. 

A LinkedIn study shows that managerial skills, including communication and team management, are as highly valued as technical skills in leadership positions.

Effective recruitment strategies

When it comes to recruiting in the digital age, effective strategies are essential. New technologies and social networks, such as LinkedIn, have become essential tools for identifying and attracting potential talent. 

However, the importance of networking and the use of specialized headhunters should not be underestimated. These traditional approaches remain essential to unearthing unique talent who may not be actively seeking employment, and who sometimes need convincing to join a new company. It is through this combination of strategies that a company can truly ensure the success of its digital transformation.

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The challenge of integrating and retaining C-levels for a successful digital transformation

Leverage a strategic onboarding process

The integration of a C-level is a crucial stage that requires special attention. It is essential to ensure that new managers are fully aligned with the company's culture and values. A personalized induction process, which takes into account their unique skills and vision, promotes a smooth and efficient transition. This phase not only familiarizes the leader with the company, but also immerses him or her in its culture and processes, ensuring a smooth and productive integration.

Onboarding C-level

Keeping digital C-levels engaged and motivated

Once integrated, it's vital to keep C-levels engaged and motivated. This means providing opportunities for ongoing professional development and creating an environment conducive to innovation. Encouraging managers to explore new ideas, experiment and take initiative strengthens their commitment and job satisfaction. Creating an environment conducive to innovation and continuous learning is a guarantee of long-term success, both for the leader and for the company as a whole.


In short, recruiting the best C-levels for digital transformation is a strategic challenge. It requires a forward-looking vision, innovative recruitment strategies and careful attention to integration and retention. Digital leaders are the catalysts of change, shaping the future of the company. Hiring them is therefore an essential investment in the success of a company's digital transformation!


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