LinkedIn brings its partners together for an exclusive evening event

Background & requirements

Linkedin, recognizes the importance of its relationships with partner agencies that contribute to its ongoing success. To maintain these strong relationships and to thank these agencies for their collaboration throughout the year, Linkedin would like to organize a festive annual event.


To meet Linkedin's expectations and offer an exclusive and memorable event to thank their partner agencies, Excelsior came up with a creative and differentiating response.

  • An exceptional venue in the heart of Paris' Golden Triangle: Excelsior has selected a prestigious, emblematic venue in the heart of Paris' Golden Triangle. The venue offers a glamorous, festive atmosphere, conducive to wonder and escape. By offering an exceptional setting, Excelsior enables Linkedin and its partners to enjoy an unforgettable experience and feel privileged.


  • Entertaining, personalized content: Excelsior called on a well-known humorist to create a personalized sketch specially dedicated to Linkedin. This customized humorous content creates a relaxed atmosphere and highlights the special relationship between Linkedin and its partner agencies. This unique and entertaining moment strengthens ties and leaves a positive and memorable impression.
  • Dance party hosted by a renowned DJ: To add a touch of dynamism and festivity to the event, Excelsior has planned a dance party hosted by a renowned DJ. This high-quality musical ambiance ensures an immersive experience, where guests can enjoy a lively atmosphere and have fun while strengthening their ties with Linkedin and other partner agencies.

Excelsior's response was to create an exclusive, differentiating and memorable event for Linkedin's partners. By combining an exceptional venue, personalized and entertaining content, and a lively dance party, Excelsior guarantees a unique and festive experience that will remain engraved in guests' minds.



Positive feedback from partners

Closer ties

Increased visibility on social networks