GO1: How Excelsior orchestrated an unforgettable prospect meeting!

Background & requirements

GO1 is looking to expand its network and develop professional relationships with potential customers. They want to organize an event that fosters informal exchanges, encouraging opportunities for fruitful partnerships and collaborations.


Excelsior responded to GO1's need by using its extensive network to bring together 10 key prospects at the Excelsior Embassy.

A prestigious dinner, orchestrated by a Michelin-starred chef, provided an exclusive and refined setting for informal exchanges.

The event was enlivened by a relevant theme and a quality speaker, creating a convivial and enriching atmosphere for every participant.

It also provided an ideal opportunity for GO1 to present its services to prospects, highlighting the benefits and solutions they can offer.

In addition, a welcome cocktail party was organized to facilitate initial exchanges and strengthen ties between guests.

The guests appreciated the opportunity to get together with their peers, discuss common issues and discover potential partners for the future.


Strengthening brand image

Competitive differentiation

Qualified lead generation