National security in the Middle East : Excelsior's expertise at work

Background & requirements

A leading strategy consultancy has been asked by a Middle Eastern state player to set up a large-scale security camera network. This strategic project aims to enhance public safety and surveillance at various sensitive facilities and infrastructures in the country. Aware of the complexity and importance of this initiative, the consultancy realized the importance of recruiting an internationally renowned expert in the field of security cameras, capable of carrying out the project effectively and efficiently. To this end, the consultancy called on Excelsior to identify and select the best expert available on the market, and to support it in all phases of the project, from design to implementation.

Note: The Middle Eastern state actor wishes to remain confidential in the context of this case study.


To meet the need, Excelsior undertook to select a world-renowned expert in the field of security cameras. After a meticulous search, we identified the most qualified and experienced profile, perfectly suited to the project requirements.

Excelsior took on the complete coordination of the project. This included collaboration with cloud providers, telecoms companies, artificial intelligence experts and cybersecurity specialists. Our role was to steer the project from start to finish, ensuring smooth communication and effective collaboration between the various teams.

The project was of considerable strategic importance, being linked to the national security of a Middle Eastern capital. Thus, Excelsior played a key role in the strategic analysis of the field, carrying out a thorough audit of existing technical tools and actively participating in a due diligence for the potential evaluation of a company specialized in artificial intelligence.

In addition to the strategic aspects, Excelsior also provided expert recommendations for optimizing the deployment of the security cameras. We provided constant monitoring throughout the deployment process, ensuring that the solutions implemented perfectly met the needs of the project and guaranteed optimum security for the capital of the Middle East.


Cutting-edge expertise

Full project monitoring

Appropriate recommendations