Unibet Arena: The immersive experience designed by Excelsior

Background & requirements

Unibet is one of France's leading sports betting companies and was looking for an innovative way to promote their brand and encourage players to sign up to their platform. They needed a creative solution to raise awareness of their brand and encourage players to participate in their events.

With fierce competition in the sports betting industry, Unibet knew that creating an exceptional customer experience was the key to standing out and building customer loyalty. With a focus on innovation and creativity, they succeeded in developing a user-friendly and attractive online gaming platform that set their brand apart in the French market.

Thanks to Stéphane from Excelsior, and to the Metaverse Studio team Cédric and Aurélie, for accompanying us, advising us and sharing their expertise in the creation of the UNIBET ARENA x THE SANDBOX experience.
Mathieu Drida
Managing Director Unibet (Kindred Group)



We have developed an innovative solution for Unibet, called Unibet Arena, which is an immersive multisport platform. This platform offers players the chance to test their athletic skills in a unique virtual environment.

Thanks to an attractive graphic design, we succeeded in capturing players' attention and encouraging them to interact more with the brand. We also integrated animations and visual effects to offer a playful experience that highlights Unibet's values.

Although betting is not yet allowed in the TheSandbox metaverse, Unibet Arena is an excellent way for the brand to raise its profile and strengthen its leadership position.





Acquiring new players

Federating existing players

Increase brand awareness